Stronghold’s renewables strategy is focused on the acquisition of real property interests in solar, wind, energy storage and other renewable-related infrastructure.

Acquisitions & Improvements

Our strategy includes the acquisition of land and related royalty payment streams, as well as partnering with developers on expansions and improvements of existing facilities and to provide ancillary facility services.



A Focus on Real Property

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Strategy A:
Stronghold intends to buy property interests underneath existing facilities to collect cash payments
Strategy B:
Stronghold intends to strategically buy property interests ahead of new facility development
Wind Turbines
generate electricity by harnessing wind power to spin an electricity generator
Utility Scale Batteries
store energy generated by wind turbines and solar panels
Low Voltage Transmission Lines
transport electricity across short distances
help grid operators manage load and transform voltage from low to high, or vice versa
Photovoltaic (PV) Solar Panels
generate electricity using sunlight to create an electric current from semiconductor materials
Property owners
sell or lease land to project developers in exchange for cash payments
Distributed Solar
PV technology available to power customers at the point of use


Undisturbed Land

Utility-scale renewable energy projects require large tracts of land
Developers typically target rural land with favorable characteristics such as:
— Near large, growing metropolitan statistical areas (MSAs) (<50 mi)
— Proximity to transmission lines and substations
— Abundance of relevant resource (sunlight or wind)

Pre-Construction 2-3 years

Developers will approach landowners (directly or through brokers) with lease proposals
After leases/easements are executed, developers will begin preparations for construction:
— Complete interconnection and environmental studies
— Apply to interconnection queue
— Negotiate/secure PPA

Undisturbed Land 1-2 years

After Notice to Proceed (NTP) is given, site construction begins
Early stage developers may attempt to sell all or part of the project to utility companies or infrastructure investors as project nears completion
Significant capital is required to finance construction and complete the project

Commercial Operations

Electricity production begins at facility Commercial Operation Date (COD)
Project developers will likely attempt to sell the project to a utility or at completion of the project
Project is fully tied-in to the grid and sells power through a PPA or in the spot market